METRA offers an electronic locking system, designed specifically to automate delivery and pick-up processes. METRA delivery & pick-up solution can be used for groceries, parcels, company mail, and dry cleaning or other retail or business purpose lockers.
METRA delivery & pick-up solution aims to save time and money compared ‘to doorstep’ delivery.
METRA delivery & pick-up solution can significantly optimise and reduce associated running costs such as delivery, staffing and warehousing.

24/7/365 PICKUP

METRA delivery & pick-up solution sends an instant SMS or email to notify a recipient when their package is available for easy, secure and discrete 24/7 pickup.
RFID media (employee card), QR code and PIN code can be used as a locker key. If lockers are located in locked premises an RFID media or PIN code is also be used as a door key.
Packages left in the lockers over a specific time period, can be collected with a special RFID Master key.



Partial integration or a complete solution.
A partial solution provides integration with third-party software with advanced delivery management options and pick-up communication.
A complete solution provides a comprehensive locking platform in combination with METRA delivery software.


Master keys that open any locker or group of lockers
Remote opening of any locker by Administrator.
Alarm for attempted locker break-in.
Data logging of all events (locking, unlocking and alarm) for each individual locker.
METRA Access Control can be added to only allow users with received package or assigned locker details to access locker area or locker room.
Once a package is collected or the locker cancelled, access rights for that particular user are also cancelled.


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